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Capacitación con Realidad Virtual, Aumentada y Mixta 2023

Why implementing Virtual and Mixed Reality in the Automotive Industry 2023

Production processes that are ahead of the curse are ahead of the curse are leading the industry to the implementing virtual and mixed reality. Is a design trend and experimentation that has a great impact in businesses and leader companies.

This technological trend allows engineers and developers to create prototypes in a virtual environment. However, it opens an alternative and optimization in controlled environments and data close to reality.

implementing Virtual and Mixed Reality In the automotive industry it has found a space of goal application, because through virtual and mixed reality is it possible to make accurate and low cost tests. Learn more about the benefits of this technology in this post DiTi has prepared for you.

What is virtual and mixed reality?

Virtual and mixed reality have turned into common terms in the industry and technological areas. Areas such as medicine, video games, architecture, education and automotive industry that see the applicative potencial of these technologies.

The concern for these techniques is, in a major part, because of its apportations in the design process and development ahead of the curve, allowing to create, evaluate prototypes and determine security levels with high reliability in the automotive industry for example.

Now, what is virtual and mixed reality and how do these sciences differentiate?

Virtual Reality

The main virtual reality’s distinction is the total immersion: it interacts with a computerized simulation environment close to reality. This kind of technology interferes with the senses and is able to transport to another place.

To use this interaction technique some tools such as helmets or glasses that allow access to the simulation are necessary. However, in the last few years, other gear have been developed, such as gloves, clothing and sound system, with the purpose of maximizing the realism and experience.

Mixed Reality

So called hybrid reality, for being a mixture of virtual reality, augmented reality and physical, in which interaction between real and virtual objects are possible. This maximizes possibilities of obtaining reliable data in development terms.

Mixed reality differentiates from virtual and augmented reality for creating a bonding between what’s real and virtual. For example, if an object is placed in a real table, the object would move with the table. On the contrary, when applying this principle in an augmented reality, the object would remain in the air.

Applications of Virtual and Mixed Reality

implementing Virtual and Mixed Reality are technologies that are still in the development and optimization process. For its operation availability and tools is still limited.

However, it’s having wide acceptance and application in determined areas, such as education, commerce and industry. In this sense, the use of this type of technology is more than a reality each time: because it is about a technique ahead of the curve that perfectly adapts to certain areas and sectors.

In education, for example, allows a significant improvement in the student’s learning process. This is because it makes it possible to interact with tridimensional objects. This way, characteristics, forms and size of an object can be studied.

In commerce has involved faster and its application is wider. Videogames and cinema have been fields with wider reach and availability. Even though it has applications with more potential such as medicine. This allows an interactive learning with procedures as surgery.


implementing Virtual and Mixed Reality in the Industry and Engineering

Application of virtual and mixed reality in the industry and engineering have been slower, if compared with some of the previously mentioned areas.However, what has been achieved until now is becoming a significant achievement.

Through 3D modelling and virtual representation, remote assistance and reparation is possible. Also, is possible the application and project supervision, because virtual and mixed reality makes the following possible:

  • Optimize the engineering’s formation process.
  • Real time simulation of a prototype or design.
  • Spot prompt errors in designs or prototypes.
  • Develop virtual projects

implementing Virtual and Mixed Reality Automotive Industry and virtual/mixed reality

implementing Virtual and Mixed Reality in the automotive industry is now a necessity more than a trend. This science has the capacity of representing a structure’s model in the construction process, which allows engineers and developers to evaluate the process and quality while being constructed.


The automotive sector is benefited by this technology in multiple ways. First, a model can be optimized before being built. On the other hand, this can mean a significant budget saving in the construction process.

Finally, it’s about a technique that can change the equipment or engineer’s dynamics, because virtual and mixed reality design team members can be connected from different places.

The Importance of implementing Virtual and Mixed Reality

Virtual and mixed reality sciences focus too on the training. And part of the automotive industry’s application is to achieve that necessary application in lots of procedures. This can be achieved with the practitioner’s immersion in a real and controlled environment.

In this sense, virtual and mixed realities turn into a safe teaching alternative and viable in economic terms.

In the first place, they make the practicing processes in a secure way guaranteeing the practitioner and team’s safety. Besides reducing expenses when using simulation environments.

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