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The platform that allows you to develop Processes, Procedures and obtain statistics on the training of your collaborators, implemented with Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies.

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Major Challenges Facing the Industry

The Skills Gap

Multi-skilled workers with knowledge of industrial training with VR are required

Expensive Training

Average investment of $600 USD for 12 months of work.

Retention and Rotation

The best talent is already hired.

Wide P/S Portfolio

Expand your portfolio by reducing complexity in terms of manufacturing.

Streamline Operational Process

Access to best practices of Industrial Training with VR.

Technologies we use to meet challenges

Realidad Virtual

Virtual reality

Simulation of an industrial training environment with VR. A real workspace is virtually recreated.

realidad aumentada

Augmented reality

Superposition of digital objects in the real environment through a camera. It is used to show relevant information of the space or real work environment.

realidad mixta

Mixed Reality

Augmented reality with the power of interaction and manipulation of digital objects in the real environment. In addition to showing relevant information from the space or real work environment, it is possible to interact with the digital objects that are superimposed on the area.

The objective of immersive learning is to use new technologies to create learning experiences, industrial training with VR, that is, teaching through technology that allows creating an environment of total concentration and contact with the subject matter that is taught.
capacitación industrial con vr

DiTi platform in action

Why choose us?

The best way to save money on digital training.
Reduced time to value and training costs by 30-40%.
Reducir la curva de aprendizaje en un entorno inmersivo hasta en un 80%.
Improve induction and manage training.
Increase assertiveness (first time right).
Reduce errors and improve security.


Easy creation of training guides.

Cross platform, select between smart glasses, tablets or mobile devices.
Everything is ready to create processes. You don’t need to enter programming lines and you don’t need expensive equipment to create the training processes.
seguridad diti
All information is secure through an encryption process.
Our commitment to you is to provide you with the best service from the moment of contracting.
tecnologías capacitación diti
We are committed to the integration of new technologies that involve the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.