Our Mission

We firmly believe that industrial revolution 4.0 is now. That’s why we offer the ease for the companies to empower their staff through our platform, developing customized processes looking forward to maximizing their profit and minimize operative expenses..

DiTi is a 100 % mexican startup created by a professional team with more than 15 years of experience in each one of their expertise areas, whose objective is to carry the platform at an international level, incorporating day by day new technologies that contribute in the industry to digitize companies and their human capital.


We combined talent with great experience, from industrial capacitation to forefront technology to create a leadership team focused in solving real formation and capacitation problems. Learn more about the people behind the mission!


Luis Márquez
Co-Founder & CEO


Roberto Moreno
Co-Founder & COO


Miguel reina
Chief Technology Officer

About us

logo diti realidad virtual aumentada y mixta
DiTi “Digital Training Innovation” is the easiest platform to use for smart design of Operational Processes and maintenance in real time through virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

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