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Capacitación con Realidad Virtual, Aumentada y Mixta 2023

Industry training barriers and how to overcome them

Industry training barriers have been present since the industry spreaded all around the world. There are multiple reasons why executive directors trust so little in the teachings to new collaborators, even though the benefits are clear.

Teaching is key each time that a new generation of professionals is needed in charge of a company. Same happens in a country where it is necessary to form the next generation of doctors, engineers, educators and so on. The main objective has to be to invest in such formation.

Industry Training barriers represent a challenge to overcome

What are the industry training barriers? This concerns mainly the drawbacks that do not allow the formation of new employees inside a company. A lot of them may seem to be simple. However, on a macroeconomic scale they become more relevant.

Each company makes their own budgets and only a few times they consider capacitation. The main argument for this is that, most of the time the directives look at formation as an expense. Even when we are talking about an investment that affects the employees’ performance in a positive way.

It is estimated, in a general way, that companies allocate only a 2 % of their budget for their employee’s formation. Here is the proof of the existent selflessness for teaching, even when this has always been the basis of evolution.

That is to say, even though personnel with experience are wanted, each company has a different operation. Therefore, new methods need to be formulated to train the new staff. In this way, it is important to overcome disregard as well as other inconveniences.


What are the main industry training barriers in capacitation?

Hereafter, we tell you about a little about what are the main industry training barriers that companies overcome:


As  previously affirmed, one of the barriers in capacitation is the little utility it is believed it has. Executive directors normally bet on investments that show results immediately. However, capacitation is paramount, albeit its benefits are shown in the long term.

In other words, we can assure that capacitation for the new employees and the older ones allow an update of the knowledge.

Also, new employees can link up  to the productive process in a more organic way. They can even develop new abilities inside of the company.

Lots of people assure that only careers as medicine imply a constant update of the knowledge. However, this applies to any other job, even more with the new technologies’ arrival that are part of the big industries.


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