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Capacitación con Realidad Virtual, Aumentada y Mixta 2023

How to Effectively capacitate employees in New Technologies 2023

How to Effectively capacitate employees in New Technologies

How to Effectively capacitate employees when capacitation programs in new technologies for employees are designed there are some elements that have to be taken in consideration. First, the fact of accepting the necessity of training or re-train our human capital, understanding that this will benefit in the medium and long term.

Second, being conscious that there will be a conduct change in our staff that will have a positive outcome in the future. Thirdly, the wellbeing that will be generated in our employee knowing that there’s an investment in him, making him feel significant.

The fact of knowing they will acquire new knowledge that can benefit their growth in the company is something they value. These new tools that will bring dynamism and performance efficiency are determinant for the objective consecution and organization goals.

The importance of training the staff

Staff training is crucial when an equipment renovation program and informatics devices, robotics and so on. A better trained human capital solves situations faster and more secure, increasing the company’s profitability. This makes a more competitive company. When a corporate capacitation program is designed there’s three dimensions to consider:

Functional Dimension

About the environment:

  • To equip our human capital with the necessary resources is determinant for their performance and for them to exploit their potential.
  • To develop optimal leadership according to our human capital and the work produced.
  • To effectively solve conflicts. This provides learning at the very end.
  • To help balancing the personal and working life of the human capital.

Individual Dimension

The individual:

  • Try our staff’s personal values to be aligned with the company’s.
  • Analyze and efficiently manage the multiple generations that participate in the company when providing incentives and recognizing merits.
  • Securing our staff’s skills (time management, decision making, effective communication, leadership, teamwork).


Symptoms that your Company needs a Capacitation Plan

Nowadays pace implies capacitating staff in new processes, equipment, machinery and software versions that make the company more competitive. This compels a formation plan, since no-adaptation and new technology unknowing is inevitable. As a fact, this is the first symptom

Another signal is the staff’s high rotation, among multiple things, in a weak sense of belonging to the organization for multiple factors. Showing the systems are renovating for a better performance and there will be training for such wil refresh this feeling.

In a financial lever, new machinery installment and equipments needs the employee to exploit his potential to operate them. Training via Virtual and Augmented Reality is effective in such cases, representing a saving in capacitation expenses, where the learning curve drops down to 80 %.

How to achieve that capacitation

When you identify a new technology that will make you take the lead is time to capacitate the staff in it. But, is your staff ready to figure it out?

The very first step is to announce to them that a new way to make things that will provide better performance and productivity will be implemented. The change generates rejection and this minimizes when your staff comprehends that the best is yet to come.

Choose tools that adapt the best to the way your team works, the easiest to use. If it incorporates the teams that already function the change will be less traumatic. This way, they’ll be able to capacitate with greater confidence.

Once the program starts, support yourself with your trustworthy employees to promote new technology. They will be your “motivators”. Consecutively, you can set up to a month as a transition stage to get to a 100 % of total application with new tech.


How to Effectively capacitate employees to organize

To begin capacitating employees in new technology that will bring tangible benefits for everyone, there must be organization. First, to determine this training’s goal: if it’s a goal only for one or for multiple members or for every work team.

Whomever is going to dictate the capacitation must be someone that has “lived” the tool, not only that knows the theory. Also, each one is an individual. The content must be adapted to each team’s peculiarities. Not everyone understands the same.

A clear, precise content must be built that generates attraction to avoid scattering the concern in the topic. Time dosing, avoiding sessions that are too long and tedious and prioritizing practice over theory, correcting at the same time the flaws that can arise.

Done with the capacitation, the following step is to measure and evaluate, counting with the expert’s companion for such purpose. This way, the path can be planned and our employees’ formation.

The New Industrial Revolution

Interconnection among multiple technological categories is what distinguishes the industrial era and today. Long-distance training, biotechnological application, use of Artificial Intelligence, handling of innovative materials and so on, demands new knowledge and skills.

How to Effectively capacitate employees in new technologies draws another environment in the industry, where activity concentration in the same environment is not necessary anymore. The use of Virtual Reality, 3D printers managed at the distance or task automatization are the face of the new industry era.

Using our Virtual and Augmented Reality applications you can reduce up to 40 % of your capacitation expenses. Contact us and get to know our platform

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