The Industry’s Training Gap 2022

The Industrys Training Gap

For centuries the manufacturing Industry’s Training has existed and thrived. However, the way in which employees’ capacitation has been approached has stunted this area of growth which undeniably has affected the industry as a whole. Perhaps, if big business made a stronger commitment to the educational welfare of its employees, we would see greater ingenuity […]

7 Best VR/AR Training Benefits Your Company Can Capitalize On

VR and AR Training Benefits

With the introduction of newer technologies in the workplace across the globe, there is an unprecedented need for more advanced methods of learning. All types of industries can VR/AR Training Benefits in their training programs. Whether soft skills are required to be learnt or the speeding up of a new hire’s onboarding, VR and AR […]

Industry training barriers and how to overcome them

Realidad virtual construccion

Industry training barriers have been present since the industry spreaded all around the world. There are multiple reasons why executive directors trust so little in the teachings to new collaborators, even though the benefits are clear. Teaching is key each time that a new generation of professionals is needed in charge of a company. Same […]