With Diti you will also be able to create and simulate spaces quickly and with exact precision in order to make better decision-making.


DITI LAYOUT is a system developed in which the user can make use of digital objects, which are placed in the environment to simulate the spaces and distances available in an area.

Some of the objects that can be placed are boxes, pallets, racks, even complete machines, that are available loaded in the system.

This activity is done using the Microsoft HoloLens 2 device. The advantages or benefits of having a system of this type, is that the objects can be observed in real time in the place where they are planned to be placed, before making any purchase for the installation.

In this way, Engineering ensures that the spaces meet the requirements of ergonomics, mobility in the work cell, safe access, everything that is needed to carry out a comfortable, risk-free and efficient job.

Making a 3p with this technology surpasses any other traditional method, with the possibility of placing virtual objects in the environment, editing the layout in real time, either by removing elements, placing others, rotating, scaling and positioning them as needed.