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Realidad virtual negocios

Benefits of virtual and mixed reality in the manufacturing industry

Virtual and mixed reality is rising as one of the great training modalities today. We know that the importance of teaching appears far beyond schools and universities. Also the manufacturing industry can benefit greatly from this emerging technology. Have you … Read More

Realidad Aumentada virtual y mixta

Steps to implement virtual and mixed reality in your company

Today many companies think about implementing virtual and mixed reality in their business concepts. This is mainly due to its benefits and flexibility when working. The new normalities have also promoted working from home, thus encouraging the use of virtual … Read More

Realidad virtual automovil

Why implementing Virtual and Mixed Reality in the Automotive Industry

Production processes that are ahead of the curse are ahead of the curse are leading the industry to the implementation of virtual and mixed reality. Is a design trend and experimentation that has a great impact in businesses and leader … Read More


How to Effectively capacitate employees in New Technologies

How to Effectively capacitate employees in New Technologies   When capacitation programs in new technologies for employees are designed there are some elements that have to be taken in consideration. First, the fact of accepting the necessity of training or … Read More

Realidad virtual construccion

How to get over the industry’s training barriers

Capacitation barriers have been present since the industry spreaded all around the world. There are multiple reasons why executive directors trust so little in the teachings to new collaborators, even though the benefits are clear. Teaching is key each time … Read More

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