Benefits of virtual and mixed reality is rising as one of the great training modalities today. We know that the importance of teaching appears far beyond schools and universities. Also the manufacturing industry can benefit greatly from this emerging technology.

Have you heard of virtual reality? Perhaps in some news about the development of video games you have been able to find this term. However, there is much more than entertainment in the possibilities that this innovative tool offers us, and today we are going to discover it.

What is virtual and mixed reality?

Before talking about the benefits that virtual and mixed reality can have, we must talk a little about their differences. Although they are focused on the same goal, both also have their own characteristics.

On the one hand, we have virtual reality, in which you are completely within a virtual world. You will be experiencing visual and auditory situations created entirely artificially. For this it is necessary that you have special glasses that prevent you from observing the outside.

Virtual reality is characterized by allowing you to experience sound through special headphones. In addition, the glasses recognize the movement of your head to know where you are looking.

If we talk about mixed reality we are talking about an experience in which artificial images appear in the real world. Very much in the style of the famous 2016 game Pokemon Go, in which through the screen of your smartphone you could see the creatures.

Benefits of virtual and mixed reality

Is virtual and mixed reality applicable to the manufacturing industry?

Many people talk about the importance of technology today and Benefits of virtual and mixed reality is part of it. We refer to different processes that make up the value chain of a company and that require new tools to optimize themselves.

Where can we find Benefits of virtual and mixed reality related to the manufacturing industry? Let’s think a bit about the needs that companies in this field usually have. In addition to the final product, the important thing will always be to have a highly trained human capital.

One of the main Benefits of virtual and mixed reality has over the manufacturing industry is in training. That is to say, the creation of virtual situations in which the capacity of an employee can be trained. In this sense, the use of new technologies allows:

Create 3D models of the machinery used in an industry. In this way, the operation of these can be better understood.
In the case of machine manufacturing, it is also important to know the assembly process.

Facilitated training that allows you to reduce the time in which you will have a trained employee to complete a task.
Working together with an expert remotely is allowed, with the consequent possibility of clarifying doubts and obtaining information.

More and more companies use Benefits of virtual and mixed reality in their processes

The presence of Benefits of virtual and mixed reality has been noticed in the world’s large companies due to its benefits. For example, there is the possibility of managing the necessary information in the different processes of a company.

That is, if you have worked in an insurance company, you have found yourself in the need to read manuals to understand how it works. The use of virtual and mixed reality has increased the productivity of each employee significantly by creating practical information sources.

Which companies have started to include virtual reality in their training and productivity processes? There are many companies that have become hooked on the new technological movement, for example:

Accenture created virtual modules that allow information to be transmitted to all of its employees through virtual reality.
Fidelity Investments designed virtual programs that improve communication between its employees. For this company, the development of interpersonal relationships is the basis for an improvement in productivity.

Hyundai was also not far behind with the use Benefits of virtual and mixed reality. This is due to the creation of virtual meeting rooms to discuss the details of each vehicle.

Walmart is also one of the big companies that uses virtual reality to train its customers. In fact, they managed to recreate demanding situations such as Black Friday.

Realidad virtual negocios

It is not difficult to access virtual and mixed reality for companies

After all this, it’s hard not to want virtual and mixed reality to be a part of your business. Not for less, the statistics speak of a notable decrease in the cost of training new employees. Likewise, it is also important when you want to facilitate their work.

It should be noted that mixed reality also allows you to use tools that are to your liking. That is, you do not necessarily have to work with virtual reality glasses. Smartphones and tablets will also be a great option to consider in training and on the job itself.

Of course, if we think about creating a department focused on the development of virtual reality in a company, this sounds a bit complicated. Acquiring the necessary knowledge or personnel trained in this type of technology is not an easily assumed task. However, there are still ways to achieve this.

Today you can count on experts in the development of programs that include virtual and mixed reality. In this way, no matter what project you have in mind, you can create it through virtual tools.

The best way to include benefits of virtual and mixed reality in a company

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